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Dry Charge Battery (75D31R/L)

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Shanghai Bolder Battery Co., Ltd

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Car batteries
High starting ability;
Low self-discharge rate;
Low rate of water loss; 

Model Capacity (20Hr Ah) CCA Size(mm)






1. Cold wrought lead-calcium grid: highly increased corrosion resistance and shelf life.

2. Inbuilt hydrometer: Indicates state of charge.

3. Polypropylene case: with inside flexible ribs to withstand road shock and vibration.

4. Centered cast on plate strap: Stronger and greatly increased anti-vibration ability and extended service life.

5. Vent with Flame arrestor: Safety system, prevents explosion from sparks outside the battery, minimizes acid leakage and prevents inflow of dust.

6. Low resistance envelope separators: avoid short-circuit and increase vibration durability.

Shanghai Bolder Battery Co., Ltd is one of China's leading researchers, manufacturers and sellers of maintenance free starter battery, high capacity low-maintenance deep cycle battery, traction battery, storage battery (VRLA battery). Bolder lead-acid batteries cover automobiles, electric vehicle, traction vehicle and various industries, and have  been recognized by CE and UL. We have excellent sales in China and also export to Japan, USA, UK and other countries etc. Bolder is dedicated to offer you highest quality, most reliable products at the lowest possible price, in order to achieve win-win situation for all of our partners.


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