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hot sales constant current switching power supply

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Sichuan Hongyue Group Co., Limited

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hot sales constant current switching power supply



1. Low price and high reliability
2. 105 output capacitor
3. AC power suitable for the world
4. High efficiency and low operation temperature
5. Soft-start current can reduce the AC impact effectively
6. With short-circuit and overload protection
7. Compact size, light weight
8. 100% full-load burning test
9. Installed with EMI filter, minimum wave


Model Output Output power


Adjustable range
for voltage

Output voltage error Wave and noise Efficiency
S-200-5 5V, 0~40.0A 200W 4.75-5.5V ±2% 180mV 75%
S-200-12 12V, 0~16.5A 200W 10.8-13.2V ±1% 120mV 80%
S-200-15 15V, 0~13.3A 200W 13.5-16.5V ±1% 120mV 80%
S-200-24 24V, 0~8.5A 204 W 21.6-26.4V ±1% 120mV 82%
S-200-27 27V, 0~7.4A 200W 26-32V ±1% 150mV 82%
S-201-24 24V, 0~8.30A 199.2W 20-26.4V ±1% 150mV 81%
S-201-27 27V, 0~7.4A 199.8W 26-32V ±1% 200mV 82%
S-201-48 48V, 0~4.2A 201.6W 41-56V ±1% 240mV 83%




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